What is officee?

officee is an Internet service operated by 47 CO., LTD. that provides information about office spaces in Tokyo, Japan.It offers one of the highest number of office space listings in Japan.


  • FREE
    All services are at free of charge.
    We won’t take a penny from our clients. We reduce expenses by providing services on the Internet.
  • 8,000 REPORTS
    Reports by special contents team include not only comments but also wonderful pictures of the buildings. We have over 8,000 reports on different office buildings in Tokyo, offering you a real feel for what a space is like.
    Our professional real-estate agents will give you a full support on negotiation and to closing contract. (Nearly 73% of the employees are licensed real-estate broker.)

Service Flow

  • 1. Search

    We provide information on the Internet so that you can choose from a variety of listings and determine the best office space for your own.
    To make searching smooth and easy, officee provides various searching options.

  • 2. Viewing

    After inquiry, our professional real-estate agent will set and lead a viewing.
    Upon request, we can offer consultation and suggest other options.

    - Consultation
    - Set Viewing
    - Property Suggestion
    - Accompany Viewing

  • 3. Contract

    Professional real-estate agents will help you from negotiation to closing contract.
    Nearly 73% of the employees are licensed real-estate broker, so please feel safe to leave us in charge.

    - Negotiation
    - Review of Lease Agreement

3,000 Customers


By providing real-estate information via Internet, we reduce advertising and sales cost.
We are a pioneer of the Internet-based real-estate agent that offers service for free.
From small to large companies, we have over 3,000 customers using this system since foundation.

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