We would like to share our tips and tricks on office-hunting.
Here are some resources you might want to reference when you are searching for your office space.


For those who are not used to Japanese practices, office-hunting might feel complicated and exhausting because of the unfamiliar terms.
Here, we listed terms inside officee that you might want to know.


Tsubo is unique unit basis for area measurement in Japan.
1 tsubo = 3.305785 square meters or 35.58 square feet.
In Japan, the size of an office space is usually stated in tsubo basis.
Generally, you need to ensure that there is at least 1-2 tsubo per person.

Rate per Tsubo

Rate per tsubo is how much 1 tsubo in the property costs per month.
It is influenced by various aspects such as location, built year, appearance, facilities, and so on.

Monthly Rent

Monthly rent listed in officee includes common service fee.
It is calculated as follows:
Monthly rent = (rate per tsubo + common service fee per tsubo) x size in tsubo

Unlisted Rent

In Japan, it is common to unlist rates and monthly rent of office listings.
We might be able to figure them out by telling your company name or type of industry to the property owner.
To broaden your opportunity, we recommend you to click "Include unlisted rate" in search options.

Common Service Fee

Common service fee is a monthly expenses for common services such as cleaning and maintenance for public spaces like elevators and entrance.

Security Deposit

In Japanese, it is called "Shikikin".
It is a refundable payment to an owner.
At the lease end, any needed cleaning or repairs may be deducted from the deposit.
Usually 12 months of rent is requested but it is often negotiable.


It is a fee paid to the real estate agent.
However, we do not charge any commission fee from our clients.
All of our services, including view tours and closing contracts, are free of charge.

Standard Floor Size

It is a typical floor size of the property.


A design or construction created to withstand or resist the effects of an earthquake.
There are several quakeproof standards in Japan: New Earthquake Resistance Standard and other standards equivalent to it.

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