47 do not aim to rank first in the current real estate world. Making the largest office space search engine is not our goal too.
Our job is to create a country where everyone: owner and borrower; seller and buyer; Japanese and foreigner; and all other people in the world are connected. We want to create a new system that enables people to connect more easily and sufficiently.
We look for someone who can 'create' with us.

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Sales and Marketing (Global)

You would provide operations that require utilizing Internet towards the customers who prefer languages other than Japanese.

  • -build and strengthen database in English.
  • -provide office search consultation in English.
  • -help the people in need for office search regardless their nationality.

*Sales and Consulting, Sales Support, Human Resources, Marketing, PR, and other positions are available for personnel who speak and write Japanese natively.


  • Full-time Employee
  • Part-time Employee


TOEIC 800 or above (or similar scores in other English standards such as Eiken, TOEFL, iELTS, etc.)


Work Location
Fujikikai Hiroo Building (6F), 1-13-1 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Office Hours
09:30 - 18:30
Twice a week, about 123 days total in a year
[New College Graduate] 3 million yen
[Mid-Career Recruiting] Consider past occupation salary


  • saiyo[at]
    *please replace [at] to @