Office space estimates in/at Meguro Sta., Fudo-mae Sta.

We have listed estimates of office spaces at Meguro Sta., Fudo-mae Sta.. It is expressed in rate per tsubo (common fee included).
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Station/Area 15 - 30
30 - 50
50 - 100
100 - 200
200 more
¥10,700 ¥19,300 ¥20,300 ¥25,300 ¥31,600

Office space estimates near Meguro Sta., Fudo-mae Sta.

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*Updated on 01/25/2022

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Shirokanedai Building(Unavailable)

3-2-10, Shirokanedai, Minato-ku

Meguro Sta. 11 mins walk

Shirokanedai Building, located in Shirokane, Minato-ku, is near Shirokanedai Station and Meguro Station. This high-grade office building is in a quiet and calm area of Shirokanedai, and has well-lighted office space. The access from the train station is good, so it is ideal for people and companies who likes to work in a sun-filled office space.