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1. CR Kamiyacho Building

CR Kamiyacho Building Exterior

1-11-9, Azabudai, Minato-ku
Kamiyacho Sta. 4 mins walk, Onarimon Sta. 10 mins walk
Year Built
1989 (Renovated in 2003)
New Earthquake Resistance Standard
CR Kamiyacho Building, located in Azabudai, Minato-ku, is near Kamiyacho Station and Onarimon Station. This middle-sized rental office property is located at the crossing and many cars and people pass by. Common spaces inside the building is neatly organized and enables you to work in a fresh mood.
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2F 59.28 Unlisted Unlisted 12 06/2017 View Add to list
2F 80.4 Unlisted Unlisted 12 06/2017 View Add to list
9F 206.35 Unlisted Unlisted 12 09/2017 View Add to list
11F 67.57 Unlisted Unlisted 12 Immediately View Add to list
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